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Tutis Security Services Limited – A Brief History

Tutis Security Services Limited was founded in 2008 by Jag Chaggar and Raj Dassaur. In a world of rapidly evolving society change they saw the need for a company that understood how to respond to new threats and consequences for their clients – one that could provide much broader solutions than physical security alone. The strategic vision, therefore, was for an organisation that encapsulated the entire security process of identifying, analysing and mitigating risk in a variety of scenarios, and it is this approach that most clearly sets Tutis apart from its main competitors today.

After 10 years in the security industry, Jag Chaggar was and is the visionary behind Tutis’s development. Raj Dassaur, an industrial entrepreneur with broad experience of start-ups and high-growth businesses across a diverse range of sectors, has provided the strategic management focus. Counsel Kulraj Alexander, who is an independent legal advisor and has advised on the legality of complex security matters for Tutis security services limited since its establishment.

These three men and their collective experience have taken Tutis to a position as one of the world’s foremost providers of security services. It has a reputation for setting and delivering the gold standard in security & tour management operations to clients in numerous environments. As Tutis went from strength to strength as a business, the founders placed themselves at the forefront of moves to have this new and dynamic industry recognised and regulated.

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